December 9, 2022


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Instagram: How to Set Up a Business Account

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With over 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram is no longer considered a niche social network. It’s one of the most popular and fastest growing social media platforms, and your company should be using it. It’s time to create your Instagram business account if you haven’t already.

Instagram is all about sharing photos and videos. Through visuals, you can tell graphically rich and inspiring stories about your company and brand. Instagram is the ideal complementary network to include in your marketing mix for ease of cross-posting content, as other social networks place increased emphasis on photo and video posts. To know how to download instagram stories by storiesdown.

How to Create a Business Account on Instagram

Before we begin, if you do not already have a business Facebook account, you will not be able to complete the steps below or fully utilize your Instagram business account. You can create an Instagram business account once you have a business Facebook page.

Do you already have a Facebook page for your business? Then let’s get started. Here’s how to create an Instagram business account step by step. Anyway, you can also read about how to redeem apex legends codes for free.

1. Install the app

Unlike other social networks, Instagram only allows you to post content via the mobile app. So, pull out your smartphone, go to your app store, and download Instagram.

Please keep in mind that we’re using iPhone screenshots throughout this post, but the layout should be similar on Android devices.

2. Register an account with an email address.

While it may appear to be the simplest option to use your personal Facebook account…DO NOT DO IT! This will create an account based on your Facebook profile. Because this is for your company, you should use your company email address.

Use your work email address, and contacts may be able to find you more easily using the “Find Friends” feature.

3. Profile fundamentals and selecting a username

You’ll then create a username and password. If you’re creating an Instagram account for a business, the username should be the company’s name, or something close to it. Choose a variation of your name, business, and location if you’re a real estate agent, insurance agent, or the like. You need something that sets you apart from a personal account.

Janejones NYC realtor or Janejones insta, for example, will work.

Please keep in mind that Instagram will generate a username for you based on the name you enter. As you go through these prompts, you can easily change this.

4. Locate Facebook friends and contacts

Following that, you’ll be asked to find people to follow on Facebook and in your contacts. It’s best to have your account completed and a photo or two posted before you begin following people, so click “skip” for the time being. Instagram allows you to find Facebook friends from your page settings at any time, so this is not a one-time offer.

5. Choosing the Best Profile Photo

It’s picture time! If you don’t have a logo, your profile picture should be something recognizable that is associated with your brand. Keep in mind that this is your Instagram business account, not your personal page. Avoid taking selfies or group photos. If you’re the face of your company, use an existing professional headshot or take a new one.

After selecting “Add a photo,” you’ll be presented with a number of photo import options. Importing from Facebook will bring in your personal account information. As long as it’s a business account, you can import from Twitter.

After you’ve uploaded your profile picture, you’ll be asked if you want to save your information. This will speed up future logins. You can either save or hit “Skip” again.

Following that, you’ll be taken to a page with suggested accounts to follow. You are not required to follow any of them – and should not if they do not fit your strategy. For example, if you’re opening a business account for a real estate company, don’t subscribe to Entertainment Weekly. To proceed to the next step, click “Done” in the top right corner.

(Once again, this isn’t the only way to find people to follow.)

BONUS: A simple button tutorial

The home screen is the first screen you’ll see once you’ve entered the app. Following other accounts will cause their photos to appear here.

Buttons at the top:

  • Tap here to begin sharing videos or photos with the camera.
  • Direct messages (paper airplane): You’ll be notified here if someone sends you a direct (private) message. Direct messages can also be sent from there.

From left to right, bottom buttons:

  • Home (house): View the most recent photos from the accounts you follow.
  • Search (magnifying glass): Look up top accounts, people, places, and hashtags, as well as suggested content or accounts.
  • Tap the camera (square with a plus sign) to upload and share videos and photos.
  • Heart-shaped notifications: View the most recent likes and comments on your photos, as well as what people you follow like.
  • Profile (photo in a circle): Your entire account, including everything you’ve posted, as well as access to the settings menu.

6. Finish your profile

To see your account, tap the profile button in the bottom right corner, then tap the “Edit Your Profile” button. This is where you fill out your profile information.

Complete the bio and contact information fields. This is the only location on Instagram where you can use a clickable URL. For example, if you post a URL in the comment section of a photo, no one will be able to click it, so don’t waste your time. Your URL should only be used in your profile, preferably to direct people to your website or wherever you want them to go.

You are limited in character count for your bio. Explain briefly what you do and where you are located. You can edit this section whenever you want, so don’t be concerned if the right words don’t come to you right away.

7. Now for the serious stuff!

Click “Try Instagram for Business Tools” and follow the self-guided steps and instructions to finish your profile and use the tools available. Here’s an Instagram walkthrough for getting started with their business tools.

8. Connect your company’s Facebook page

Remember how we said at the start of this journey that you needed a business Facebook page to use Instagram for business tools? This is why. Instagram will prompt you to link or create a business Facebook page. For those who are unaware, Facebook acquired Instagram a few years ago, and the two platforms are now more integrated than ever.

9. Begin posting

Now comes the exciting part! As previously stated, it is best practice to have a photo or two on your account before you begin following people. People have little reason to follow an account with no content. Find a couple of photos that you believe are worth sharing.

10. Create captions and hashtags.

Use appropriate hashtags and keep your caption brief. Hashtags are frequently used in jest, but they are also how millions of photos are found, and thus how your content can be found. The most popular hashtags (#love, #happy, #tbt) have been used hundreds of millions of times, so if you’re trying to reach a specific audience, consider using a more specific hashtag.

Also, limit the number of hashtags to a reasonable number. Followers don’t like being bombarded with dozens of hashtags per post.

Check out Top Hashtags to see what’s trending on Instagram.

Here’s an example of a hashtagged image from our OutboundEngine company Instagram.

11. Get social by following people!

You should now have a complete profile and a couple of posts shared, and it’s time to start following people so they can follow you back. Go to the options page from your profile page (bottom right icon) (gear in the upper right corner).

There are two options near the top of the page under Follow People:

  • Contacts 
  • Facebook Friends

When you tap one of these, Instagram will connect to Facebook and your address book. You’ll be able to see the accounts of previous clients and connections if you have them saved on your phone.

Instagram will display all of your Instagram friends who are in your contacts list. Begin following other accounts, commenting on their posts, and engaging with them. This is how you get others to follow you back.

You can check your notifications page (heart icon) to see who has liked your photos, started following you, left a comment, or mentioned you in a post as you post more on Instagram and follow more people.

12 Identify and define your brand’s story.

Once you’re set up and ready to go, you should decide what the purpose of your Instagram business account should be and keep it on message.

Through photos and interactions with followers, a real estate agent can use Instagram to establish and expand their positive public perception. This includes posting photos of houses they are listing and favorite neighborhood spots to visit, rather than selfies in the gym or pictures of their doctor’s office while getting a flu shot.

13. Make your name known.

Once you’ve got your account established, be sure the Instagram icon is on your website (best practice would be in your contact/about me section) and in your email signature. You can also include your handle on your LinkedIn page or any other site that drives visitors to contact you.

Have fun using your Instagram business account to connect to your network and enrich your relationships.

Strategy for Your Instagram Business Account

Enjoy the new interactions with friends and clients while building your brand once you’ve set up your Instagram business account. Once you’ve mastered posting and interacting on Instagram, it’s time to think about how Instagram can help you grow your business. Instagram ads can put you in front of the people you want to reach, whether or not they are in your network.

Navigating paid social ads can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have the time to learn the platforms and keep up with changes. OutboundEngine has a team of marketing experts who will design, optimize, and manage your Instagram ads. We can target the zip codes and interests of the people you want to reach, ensuring that your money goes where you want it to go.

Do you want to find out more about your overall social media strategy? Download our free Social Media Field Guide to learn how to make the most of your social media marketing efforts. Schedule a free demo to learn about all the ways we help busy business owners with marketing.