December 1, 2022


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Danica Patrick Releases Important Health Update After Removal of Breast Implants (PICS)

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – DECEMBER 05: Danica Patrick attends Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up” World Premiere on December 05, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Back in April, Danica Patrick talked about her decision to get her breast implants removed after eight years and dozens of health problems. The former NASCAR driver shared after dealing with significant health problems for years — including hypothyroidism, hair loss, low estrogen levels, weight gain and gut imbalances — she opted to have them removed.

Fast forward 11 weeks and the 40-year-old is releasing another health update as she shared photos of her blood being taken.

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On Wednesday, Patrick issued an update on her recovery.

“11 weeks since implant removal and I am getting all of my markers checked again. 14 vials worth,” Patrick wrote on Instagram. “I am also sending in a stool (so f-ing humbling to do, if you know you know) and saliva test for review as well… last time I did it test my dysbiosis level was 10/10. So I’m hoping that has improved!”

Since Patrick got the implants in Nov. 2014, her body appeared to be trying to fight them, she said.

“If you put something in your body that’s not natural, your body is going to protect itself. Your body will form scar tissue around it to protect you from it,” she said. “And that’s called a capsule. My implants produced a lot of capsules. They seemed soft enough for the first couple of years, but then they hardened up more.”

And after the implants came out in April, it was clear that they had become damaged over time.

“The doctor said … my scar tissue capsules were both folded inside the implant. They had shrunk up so much from so much scar tissue forming that they were deformed,” Patrick said.

“But I also think it’s impossible to put a foreign object in your body and not have your body respond to some degree,” she added. “Every individual is different, of course … But are we really doing enough studies on them? Are people truly educated on the potential side effects and risks? Doctors tell us that they’re safe, but they’re also selling them.”

Here’s hoping Patrick can continue to get healthy and trend in the right direction.